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Advantage of Colored Plus Size Jeans is an Easy

September 14, 2015 | Jeans

Any body type can look great in tight-fitting jeans. While it may take a bit more planning than just throwing a T-shirt on top, there are several plus size jeans looks that any woman can pull off. Before getting into specific looks, full-figured women should stop to assess their body type.

Body size and shape affect the total look of an outfit. By completing an objective analysis, one can learn how to show off the figure to its best advantage. The rise of the pants is the length from waist to crotch. While the close fit of skinny jeans can work just fine on plus size jeans women, women should always go with a more conservative rise, which is always more comfortable and attractive.

An ultra-low or low-rise cuts into the hips and abdomen and shows way too much skin when stooping or bending. Moreover, not all plus size jeans women are the same. All women store fat in different parts of the body, although this may be less evident in a slender woman. While one woman may have a large tummy and slim legs, another woman may have wide hips and heavy thighs.

The following two plus size jeans ideas offer something for almost everyone. Sporty Lady, women who like the look of active wear can easily pull off the plus size jeans look by wearing their jeans the same way they might wear a pair of leggings. In fact, jean leggings or “jeggings” have the look of jeans while providing more stretch for activity. Pretty Girl, for the woman who loves all things feminine, plus size jeans work great because they show off curves. While classic blue denim looks fine, taking advantage of colored plus size jeans is an easy way to add girl power to an outfit.

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