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Black Cargo Pants

October 4, 2015 | Cargo pants, Pants

Black cargo pants

Cargo pants or trousers are loosely-cut and designed for rugged outdoor activities or travel. They are distinguished by multiple, large pockets attached to the side of the legs.

Cargo pants are usually made from hard-wearing fabric and feature durable stitching and over-sized belt loops. Black cargo pants, like blacks jeans, are easily matched with a variety of shirt styles and colors.

Actually, Cargo pants have been military wear around the world for many generations. Tough, durable materials and stitching highlight the military-inspired look, formerly worn mostly by military personnel, law enforcement, security workers, hunters and various field workers, they have become much more mainstream since the late 1990s. Due to their popularity, cargo pants are now manufactured in a variety of material and colors, although black cotton remains a fashion staple. Black cargo pants made of cotton is often acceptable for work attire, especially with companies promoting “casual Fridays.”

Long-sleeved and short-sleeved collared shirts, button downs and mock turtlenecks can all be appropriately worn with cargo pants in a work environment, according to Lloyd Boston, author of “The Style Checklist: The Ultimate Wardrobe Essentials for You.” For after work or on weekends, almost any kind of T-shirt, sweatshirt or Polo shirt can work, depending on colors and patterns. Matching shirt colors with black cargo pants is not difficult as most colors combined with black look pleasing to the eye.

Diana Eng, author of “Fashion Geek: Clothes Accessories Tech,” believes that dark blue, dark brown or other shades of black should not be combined with black cargo pants because it confuses the eye and doesn’t provide enough contrast. Colors recommended include white, grey, red, green, yellow and orange. White and grey shirts with black cargo pants tend to dress them up, whereas the brighter colors make ensemble more casual or fun.

Wrangler Men's Authentics Classic Cargo Pant, Black Twill

Wrangler Men’s Authentics Classic Cargo Pant, Black Twill

Match Mens Retro Military Cargo Pants

Match Mens Retro Military Cargo Pants

Match Men's Retro Cargo Pants

Match Men’s Retro Cargo Pants

Dickies Men's Loose Fit Cargo Work Pant, Black

Dickies Men’s Loose Fit Cargo Work Pant, Black

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