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High Waisted Pants

August 28, 2015 | high waisted, Pants

Women may see high waisted pants in photographs and long to wear them but not know how to begin with styling. First, understanding what makes a pants “high-waisted” will help shoppers pick the right styles of pants. Then, six specific styling ideas, for every style from girly to biker, are given to help wearers make the transition to high waisted pants.

The best way to go about styling high waisted pants is to consider one’s fashion personality first and take it from there. One’s personal style will affect the cut of the jeans as well as the wash chosen. Following are some different ways to put together a high waisted pants look.

wear high wedges

Girlicious, girl can still look feminine and romantic in a pair of high waisted pants. Try to wear high wedges with high waisted pants and finish with a pretty T-shirt embellished with ruffles or ribbons, when it is important to exude that girly vibe. Androgynous, nothing looks better with an androgynous look than high waisted pants, even though, paradoxically, they also look very feminine.

Put on high waisted pants with shirt, tie, and jacket. Be careful to make each element slightly feminine; the idea is not to dress up as a man but to pull off a look that is inspired by men’s clothing.

Tough Girl, high waisted pants may seem too fashion-forward for a rocker or biker chick, but with the right styling, these pants can work for anyone.

Go ‘80s by pairing high waisted pants with an army jacket and try Doc Martens on the feet. Fashionista, a sleek and chic look can be achieved by mixing high waisted pants with sexy pieces. Put on a dark wash high – waisted skinny pants and high-heeled sandals. On top, add a thin, form-fitting sweater or knit top.

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