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Jogger Pants Women

October 9, 2015 | Jogger Pants, Pants

Active Terry Color Block Jogger Pants

When I think of the jogger pants women, I wander back to those days in 1997 when Lugz were poppin’ and kids were cinching their cool pants with rubberbands so they wouldn’t step on their jeans, which was outclassed the next year by the rolled up leg look, courtesy of one James Todd Smith.

Trends like these tend to come and go, always reincarnated in a slightly different way and weirdly enough, more refined upon their return.

So, will the jogger pants women be the next to fall in line? With so many brands putting their spin on what is essentially a cinched chino, I caught up with my friend Michael Huynh, owner and creative director at Publish Brand for his take on the explosion of the jogger pants women and to tell the story of how he trademarked the term and developed what has now become an often mimicked design in just about everyone’s catalog.

In fact, you can say the jogger pants women have hit mainstream heights, with brands from Zanerobe to Public School creating looks.

Urban Outfitters even has a section dedicated to cuffed pants. Although it has its roots in pinrolling, it also takes influence from chavs, a term used for a subset of London youth. “The jogger pants women have always been around in fashion style, but previously in the UK they’ve had a bit of a stigma attached to them,” the end clothing marketing manager said. “The only time you wore them was to do sports, sit around the house, or you if you were a rough kid kicking about the town center.

We called them chavs.” But even with the increased sightings of jogger pants women at all corners of fashion, they’re still not being accepted as the right move for everybody style.

4118 Acid Wash French Terry Jogger's Pants Gray

4118 Acid Wash French Terry Jogger’s Pants Gray

2LUV Women's Trendy Knit Drawstring Jogger Pants Black L

2LUV Women’s Trendy Knit Drawstring Jogger Pants Black L

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