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Khaki Pants for Women

October 8, 2015 | khaki pants, Pants

Urparcel Women Loose Cotton Pencil Harem Pants Khaki S

Khakis have always been favorite pants for women. The best thing about khakis is their history and in my opinion that the best brands are those most entwined with the history of khakis. “Khaki” as a color associated with twill-weave clothing, originated around 1850 in British Colonized India as a way to easily standardize the color of the non-standardized clothing worn by the Corps of Guides – a famous regiment created by Sir Harry Lumsden comprised of native British Indians who wore home-spun outfits.

At this point khaki (dyed with mulberries) meant the twill clothing of the regiment and its beige-like color; the word khaki comes from the Persian word “khak” which means dust. Brooks Brothers and J.Crew are probably the two best makers of khaki pants for women that have the most interesting historical inspiration. Brooks Brothers originally outfitted american war veterans returning from the War of 1812.

When chinos came into style as familiar clothing for soldiers, Brooks Brothers was already meeting the demand. J.Crew has pursued a design identity inspired by american fashion heritage and as such makes khaki pants for women reminiscent of old style and somewhat similar to Brooks Brothers (though there are a variety of styles available now).

Bonobos and Polo are known for having some of the best khaki pants for women but have less history-rooted inspiration. Bonobos was started by Stanford MBAs as a better fitting khaki pants for women that gained significant traction with financiers.

Polo is a master at classic designs. Moreover, khaki pants for women are more functional than fashionable (or that you want to look the part while still retaining job-site features), I’d go with Duluth trading company. (Though technically they’re “chinos”. Dunno if you care about the distinction.) Overall, khaki pants for women won’t make you disappointed.

G2 Chic Women's Solid Millennium Sleek Office Dress Pants

G2 Chic Women’s Solid Millennium Sleek Office Dress Pants

Dickies Medical Scrubs 82011 Women's Jr Fit Drawstring Flare Leg Scrub Pant Khaki Small

Dickies Medical Scrubs 82011 Women’s Jr Fit Drawstring Flare Leg Scrub Pant Khaki Small

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