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Skinny Jeans for Men: So can men wear skinny jeans?

November 17, 2015 | Jeans, Pants, skinny jeans

Juanshi Men's Straight Slim Fit Jeans Color Dark Blue Size 32

It’s one of the burning fashion questions of our time: Are men’s skinny jeans a socially acceptable look? Or, like the meat dress and neon pink leg warmers, do skinny jeans for men belong in some shameful scrapbook of regretful looks past?

So… can men wear skinny jeans? The answer is yes, with a few caveats. Not every man is built to go skinny. In fact, I would dare say that skinny jeans for men are a look that works only on a select (and fairly small) group of guys. Wondering if you should invest in a pair of super slim denim pants?

Then it’s time to ask yourself a few important questions. With fashion being an industry that is far from normalised, it is perhaps unsurprising that a number of items have caused no small amount of controversy over the years. Skinny jeans for men have been polarising since the beginning, becoming the trademark piece of many a teenage subculture. But rather than burning out, they have held their own and are now firmly entrenched within almost all sartorial circles.

To simplify we’ll categorise skinny jeans for men into two separate groups. Of course, there are multiple variations in fit depending on brand, material and cut, but in general they can be divided into ‘spray-on’ and ‘standard’.

Spray-on styles typically contain a high proportion of stretch elastane, are tapered close to the leg all the way down and have a very narrow ankle opening.

Standard styles, on the other hand, are usually made from 100 per cent cotton, or may have a small percentage of elastane weaved in for comfort. They don’t taper down the leg quite so dramatically and have a slightly wider ankle opening. So, for many men, the skinny jeans have long been a wardrobe essential.

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