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Turn a Pair of The Wide Leg Pants

October 3, 2015 | Pants, Wide Leg Pants

turn a pair of the wide leg pants into straight pants

Some women really look fantastic in wide leg pants, but others look like they are swimming in this style. Style preferences change over the years as well, so a woman might have a once-loved pair of wide leg pants that she never wears anymore.

If the woman likes the fit of the pants except for the legs, there is no need to let the pants go to waste. With some free time and basic sewing supplies, anyone can turn a pair of the wide leg pants into straight pants. A full-length mirror is very helpful for this project, as it allows the person doing the alteration to accurately mark the new seam lines and judge the full picture.

In a pinch, though, any mirror works. Actually, sewing involved in altering wide leg pants is not difficult at all; it only involves sewing two seams. The crucial part of the project is planning out the seams before sewing.

The first step in the project is turning the pants inside out. Put them on, and use the pins to mark where the new seam lines belong. The fit of the altered pants is a matter of preference, so experiment to find the best fit.

The person doing the alteration can alter either the inner or the outer seam of the pant leg, depending on which side has topstitching, so the alteration should be less noticeable on the other side of the leg.

After getting the new seams marked perfectly with pins, carefully take off the pants and use a pencil to trace the lines of the pins. Then sew along the lines, using a regular stitch. After sewing, turn the pants right side out and try them on. Once the fit of the new pants is perfect, turn them inside out again.

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