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Wide Leg Jeans

October 7, 2015 | Jeans, Pants, Wide Leg Pants

TM Womens Retro Casual Fashion Stretch Wide Legs Denim Jeans Plus Size Blue

Now wide leg jeans are easier to pick out, women should have some idea up front of how these jeans should be worn, as they are not typical everyday jeans that one pulls on with a sweatshirt and sneakers.

Actually, wide leg jeans do not necessarily need a great deal of styling to look smashing, but they do need to be worn with the right pieces in order to look attractive. As with any cut of jeans, sometimes the best looks are the simplest.

Wide leg jeans are intended to be worn long, and while some celebrities have been spotted wearing wide leg jeans with long tunic tops, this is a look that can really only be pulled off by those who are model-tall and model-slim.

Everybody else who wants to wear wide leg jeans successfully will do best to keep tops on the short side. Knit tops and blouses should be tucked in for good, balanced proportion. Sweaters and jackets should be worn cropped.

Wide leg jeans create volume on the lower half of the body, it is best to balance that volume by wearing a sleeker top. This highlights the attractive sweep of the pant legs while keeping the wearer from appearing large, sloppy, or to be wearing ill-fitting clothing.

Some options include a very fitted T-shirt or tank in warm weather and a body-hugging sweater, such as a ribbed turtleneck, in cool weather. As a general rule, keep it sleek.

Moreover, wide leg jeans can look very different depending on the rise, so styling the jeans is dependent on this feature. A high waist is meant to be shown off, so it is even more crucial to tuck in the top or keep it short. Overall, wide leg jeans are flattering, refined, and can be quite professional-looking.

Pink Ice Women's Juniors Super Wide Leg Denim Pants

Pink Ice Women’s Juniors Super Wide Leg Denim Pants

J Brand Women's Melody High Rise Wide Leg Jeans, Royal, 28

J Brand Women’s Melody High Rise Wide Leg Jeans, Royal, 28

7 For All Mankind Women's Petite Dojo Short Inseam Jean, Pleasant Street Indigo

7 For All Mankind Women’s Petite Dojo Short Inseam Jean, Pleasant Street Indigo

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